About Us

APTER Institute aims at spreading the Physiotherapy knowledge across the globe by conducting workshops, seminars, conferences and internship programs. We also strive for knowledge development in the field by conducting quality research projects and supporting people who indulges in Physiotherapy research.

The secondary aim is to provide the high quality evidence based treatment to the patients with musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. This is done at our established physiotherapy centres and our franchises across the country.

APTER Institute was founded by Dr. Rajkannan. P, PT and Dr. Mohammed Kassim, PT.
They both are Clinical Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists who are also the core instructors of APTER Institute.

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Why Choose Us

Guaranteed to Feel Free From Pain Again

Whether your goal is to be able to walk pain-free to and from your workplace, play with your grandchildren or compete in a major sporting event like a triathlon or a marathon, our qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths and Sports Injury specialists can help you attain a higher level of fitness and health than before your treatment with us..

Affordable Price

We provide our quality physiotherapy services at a very affordable price.

Best Service

We combine the latest technology with comfortable and safe individual treatment rooms to offer unrivalled physiotherapy services.

Experienced Physiotherapists

All our therapists have an experience of 18+ years of treating patients in this field.

Feel The Body Adjustment From Head to the Toe

Expert assessment and therapy, performed by a qualified  physiotherapists, to assess the source and relieve pain.

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Patients Healed

Perfect Body Posture Keeps You Away From Most Issues

Our therapists have very specialised manual techniques and skills such as joint and soft tissue mobilisations, joint manipulation, fascial and trigger point release. We believe that these techniques can reduce pain and help speed up recovery from injury and get you back to normal function faster than with just exercises alone.