5 Steps to Prevent Back Pain

Avoid sitting for more than 2 hours continuously- Long hours of sitting will increase the disc pressure and can set the conditions for future disc prolapse.

So just get up and walk for three to five minutes for every 2 hours of sitting. Sit straight when on recliner sofas or chair in the office, car and in house. The posture during sitting does matters a lot.

Sit straight when on recliner sofas or chair in the office, car and in house. The posture during sitting does matters a lot.

So sit straight by maintaining the natural
lower back curvature. You can also use a small lumbar cushion between your lower
back and chair. Use the same in your car seat too.

Avoid lifting heavy weights especially in early morning (like cylinders).

Bend the knees to pick up an object than bending your spine. Do not hold your breath during lifting. Rather just exhale. If you already have pain, avoid vigorous weight lifting in the gym. Dead lifts, leg press exercises will actually worsen the back pain.

Do Bhujangasana (Mckenzie Spinal Extension Exs) ten times at least three to four times a day.

It is a wonderful and world renowned exercise of mechanical back pain
and disc bulge. If you do that every two hours there is a very good chance that your
pain comes markedly down in a day or two.

Reduce your body weight by gentle Aerobics like walking or jogging coupled with healthy dieting.

Every 1 kg of weight loss is equivalent to 3-4 kg of stress/Load
reduction in the back and in your disc. So try shed some weight.


Finally, respect your pain. Think about why it is happening rather than simply treating it temporarily. The pain is actually doing you a favor by telling you that there’s something wrong going on in your back. If you take pain killer, the pain may temporarily reduce, but the problem worsens and at some point the problem will overwhelm the pain killers and this is the time, the medicines hardly work. This is the stage, the patients are referred for MRI scans and will find that their disc is bulged. But it can be treated mostly without surgery.

All mechanical back pain can reversed by simple life style modifications.


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