Where is my healthy hometown?

I recently went to my hometown, where I was born and raised. It was like a village at my young age, but it has become like a town in recent years. It was a marriage ceremony, so I had to stay in my hometown for four days. I was very nostalgic going to my hometown, […]

Why You Don’t Need A Massage ?

Do you need that massage? Most people worldwide would love to get a massage done on their body. Body massage is an ancient practice that still prevails in many cultures worldwide. Massage and spa centres are as common as hospitals and clinics in modern society. Many modern people prefer to go for a massage since […]

Strength & Conditioning in Rehabilitation: Fashion or Function?

Physiotherapists should have a sound knowledge of strength and conditioning(S&C) training, especially those practising musculoskeletal or sports. However, when we mention Strength & Conditioning and rehabilitation, many attribute it as only for Sports Physiotherapy and that it should be a part of post-graduate study. I beg to differ on this. This is the crucial element […]

Are you worried about the Flat foot in your Children?

Are you worried about the Flat foot in your Children?  What should parents know? History of Human Feet: The human foot is a fantastic structure that helps in weight-bearing and locomotion. That means it must take care of stability as well as mobility. Each foot is controlled by 13 extrinsic muscles and 21 intrinsic muscles. With 26 bones and 33 […]

Do you need to Stretch your muscles always?

Do you need to Stretch your muscles always? When to and when not to stretch. The physiology of the muscle is never designed in such a way that our muscles will keep on getting tight every day if it is not stretched regularly. If that is the case, every muscle deserves that stretching. Why only […]

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation

Phase by Phase journey from Injury to Return To Play Program  Athletes who wish to resume high-level activities after an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are often advised to undergo surgical reconstruction. Patients’ general expectations after ACL reconstruction (ACLR) are high, with 94% expecting a return to play (RTP) to the same level […]

Best Mattress For Backpain

Which is the Best Mattress for Low Back Pain? “Buy our newly developed Orthopedic Mattress and End your Back Pain”. You can hear this widely used phrase when you visit a mattress showroom. Even such adsappear in Television and newspapers nowadays. People are willing to spend good money onbuying an expensive mattress that is presumably […]

Choosing the RIGHT workshop to Attend. Here are the tips:

A myriad of workshops and courses are being bombarded in the Physiotherapy profession. With this exponential outburst in workshops worldwide, it’s prudent to discern which workshop is apt for your clinical practice. Choosing the right workshop to attend is a tricky decision. There are loads on offer worldwide, but you want to pick the one […]

Are you really a successful physio?

How does one measure the success percentage? Recently I got to meet one of my Physio friends in a conference. I was awestruck when he said this. “I have 95% success with all the patients, whom I treat”. What was more impressive was the kind of assertiveness with which he claimed his success percentage. Let […]