Dynamic Taping

Dynamic Tape hands-on workshops introduce you to the Biomechanical Taping Approach — taking into consideration the load and force required for proper joint movement.

Dynamic Tape is highly specialized and designed to contribute genuine mechanical force into the kinetic chain. Working like a bungee chord, the unique, strongly elastic Dynamic Tape aims to absorb load, contribute to force generation, improve biomechanical efficiency and modify faulty movement patterns. Load reduction combined with powerful neurophysiological effects may provide prompt pain relief, reduce metabolic demand, facilitate recovery and improve function.

This highly elastic tape allows you to do things you can’t with kinesiology tape. Its strong recoil and lack of a rigid end-point allow it to move in all 4 directions and consistently recoil back every time.

Dynamic Tape is a game changer and the Biomechanical Taping approach will change the way you approach using tape as part of rehab in your clinic.

This 8hr hands-on course will equip you with the skills and practical application to be ready to tape patients for a variety of commonplace and complex conditions and complaints.

This is not a kinesiology tape or a kinesiology taping course. All levels of experience with taping are welcome and we promise you’ll walk away a raving fan.

So join us for a course. You'll never view taping the same way again.