Headache Management

Headache is one of the leading cause of pain and disability, which is often difficult to diagnose and treat. It is broadly classified as migraine, tension type and cervicogenic. Given our obsession to laptops and smartphones, the incidence of cervicogenic headache is more and these people are not diagnosed correctly. Most of the headaches are misdiagnosed as migraine and these patients are unnecessarily taking medications. Even in migraine and tension type headache, physiotherapists have a role to play as these conditions do develop trigger points in the cervical, cranial and orofacial muscles. At least 2/3rd of all the headaches can be managed by physiotherapists, who are properly trained in it.

One of our objective of our head ache course is to bring the awareness among the physiotherapists in order to manage headaches and to increase their clientele in order to open a new dimension in their practice.

We are the only one to offer courses on headache in the entire country and we have been doing these courses for the past 4 years. Our course participants are extremely happy and they are regularly treating patients with headache.

The course is scheduled for one day, which discusses the following.

Course Outline

  • Description, Definition of headache, Patho-physiology, Anatomy & Biomechanical principles of Upper Cervical Spine.
  • Discuss differences in clinical features in various types of Headaches.
  • To improve the ability to recognize "Red flags" and potential instability.
  • Clinical reasoning and to Identify the appropriate tests and measures for gathering objective data in individuals with Cervicogenic Headache.
  • Covering broad array of treatment like Safe Osteopathic Mobilization, Manipulation of Cervical & Thoracic Spine, Muscle Energy Techniques, Therapeutic exercises.
  • Understanding other PT intervention (Including Dry Needling) based on patient’s presentation.
  • Identify factors that are predictive of success outcomes.