Internship Program

APTER Institute offers a completely a unique form of internship program, distinct for Bachelors and Master degree students. First time in the country, we are conducting such Internship program with a defined curriculum that includes orientation, observation, training, evaluation, case presentation, Journal club, evidenced informed practice guidelines and job guidance. The program is open for any students who wants to learn and excel in the musculoskeletal conditions that includes, but not limited to, chronic pain syndromes, mechanical neck and back pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, cervicogenic headaches and other regional pain conditions.

The clinical area is both out patients and in patients in RMV Hospital, Sanjay nagar, Bangalore. In outpatient facility, exposure will be given to various manual therapy skills like Dry needling, Passive and Assisted joint mobilization techniques, Myofascial Treatments, McKenzie method, Fascial Manipulation, Taping Techniques (Dynamic and Rigid), Selective Functional movement assessment, Biomechanical gait analysis, Red Flag Identifications and patient communication and educational methods.

In patients facility includes ICU management, pre and post-operative general and orthopaedic surgery management. During the internship period, students will get a structured training program with online components, self-directed modules and hands on experience.

A written examination and oral interview will be conducted for testing the baseline knowledge of the students. Based on the test result and considering other eligibility criteria, the students will be enrolled for our internship program.

  • Another component contained within the internship is research and presentation. The student is given a task at the beginning of the placement and has to independently research the current literature to produce a presentation at the completion of the internship. This is presented to the four senior physiotherapy staff, who will critique the information presented.
  • The student will also be involved in working alongside us with any in house research project we may be involved with. Our focus is to improve the clinical decision-making and knowledge base of our students, so that when they enter the workforce they are sharper and more competent than their peers.