APTER Institute - Annual Membership Webinar Series 2022

This pandemic has shown us novel ways to reach a larger audience digitally. We constantly strive to spread Physical Therapy knowledge in the MSK field, and our motto is to elevate the standards of MSK care and Pain Management. We are conducting a series of webinars for physical therapists with that goal in mind. These Webinars are offered to the PTs, who enrolled in our ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP Package. Each webinar would be approximately 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs in duration, and an e-certificate would be provided with credit hours. The resource persons are full-time clinicians working in the MSK field for 20 years, and on the virtue of that, they provide highly practical and quality education. You can choose to attend the individual webinar or pay for all webinars at once.

1. Shoulder MRI For Physiotherapists - MRI shall not be a Grey Area
29nd, January 2022. 5-7 PM (IST)
Faculty: Dr. Rajkannan. P, PT

Shoulder pain is the commonest condition that a Physio sees next to back and neck pain. With the rising incidence of MSK Shoulder pain and easy availability and affordability of MRI, Physios are compelled to consider the MRI findings in the diagnosis and treatment. MRI Interpretation is not usually taught in PT Schools, yet our patients want us to know about their MRI scan and its reports. If we call ourselves specialist MSK Physios, MRI Interpretation is essential to complete that specialization.

  • Biophysics of MRI- T1, T2 weighted image, Fat Suppression images, etc.
  • MRI Views of Shoulder and Identification of Normal Structures
  • Pathologies- Tendinosis, Tear, Bursitis, AC Joint Pathology, SLAP, Biceps Tendon, Calcific Tendinitis, Rotator Cuff Arthropathy, Red Flags, etc.
  • Clinical Correlation - When to Consider the pathology and When to ignore the abnormal findings
  • Physiotherapy Rehab Criteria & Surgical Criteria of Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy How to communicate the MRI Findings with our Patients

2. Blood Flow Restriction Training: An Emerging Breakthrough in MSK Rehab Care
19th March 2022, 5- 6.30 PM (IST)
Faculty: Dr. Mohamed Kassim

Blood flow restriction training (BFRT) is a relatively new type of training that helps your patient develop and increase their strength and muscle size early in the rehabilitation process without re-injuring themselves AND without stressing their joints and tendons. Your patients no longer need to experience significant muscle loss or atrophy when recovering from injuries like ACL, SLAP Repair, when you incorporate Blood Flow Restriction into their treatment. This webinar will help clinicians to understand and administer BFRT in a easy and practical way. It gives the foundation of BFRT and how it is beneficial to their clients.

3. Current Concepts of Lower limb Tendinopathy Rehabilitation.
18th June 2021. 5- 6.30 PM (IST)
Faculty: Dr. Mohamed Kassim

  • Lower limb tendinopathy will affect up to 12% of the population at any one time, and incidence rates are even higher inactive/athletic populations.
  • This webinar will help you understand the interaction between the structure of the tendon, pain, and function, how best to rehab a tendon, and what not to do.
  • It will help you improve clinical options as a clinician and the outcomes for your patients.

4. Diagnostician's Series - Ankle and Foot Diagnosis in MSK Practice
15th October 2022 5-7 PM (IST)
Faculty: Dr. Rajkannan. P, PT

Half of the MSK conditions will be solved easily if the diagnosis is accurate. The rising incidence of Chronic MSK Pain is due to initial misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, and or inappropriate treatment. PTS must have the in-depth knowledge and skills to diagnose almost all MSK pain conditions as first contact practitioners. This will enable them to decide on the treatment choices or to do an appropriate referral. As part of our diagnostician's series, we have taken up "Ankle and Foot Diagnostics" this year.

The ankle and foot complex has many joints, intricately balanced muscles, and ligaments. A Myriad of conditions affects the ankle & foot complex as it serves for both weight-bearing and locomotion. In addition, people's evolving interests in sports, sprinting, and marathoning result in varied injuries in the ankle and foot. This webinar will deliberate how to clinically make a diagnosis in a short time through diagnosis by deduction principle. Real patient scenarios will be discussed to make understanding easier. This diagnostic course is unique and the first of its kind in the entire country. It is a must-attend course for any MSK clinicians who aim to improve their diagnostic accuracy of Ankle and Foot Complex.

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