Muscle Palpation Course

Muscle palpation is crucial to perform any muscle based treatment and unfortunately it is not taught in the college level and most of the physiotherapists are not good in palpating the muscle before they treat it. Palpation of piriformis, popliteus, pectineus are to be known before attempting to treat it. Given that most of the musculoskeletal pain emanates from the muscles, learning muscle palpation will improve the diagnostic accuracy and treatment specificity.

We teach both upper and lower quadrant muscles palpation with utmost precision adding clinical implications for each and every muscle. The palpation position, hand placement, strumming techniques and treatment techniques will be elaborated. Since we use three dimensional orientation with the use of skeletal model and virtual demo, participants will have a lasting memory of what they have learned during the course.

  • Learning Muscle Palpation is an important prerequisite for Performing Dry Needling Technique. Most of the Dry Needling courses do not emphasis on Muscle palpation but we do teach palpation in prior to needling.
  • We advise to finish our Muscle Palpation course before doing their Dry Needling though it is not mandatory.
  • To know the course contents of muscle palpation visit our dry needling website.