Testimonials from Google

karthik mahalingam 2 months ago

"Great place to visit for any kind of radiating pain and sports injuries (which r caused by an unpredictable movement which basically decreases ur performance on the field for any sport). The last option for me was a dry needing therapy after I met Dr. Rajkannan. And I feel great the next day after I meet Dr. Rajkannan and team for any muscloskeletal pain. Totally recommended."

Amruta Kotbagi Bhalerao 2 months ago

"Excellent needle therapy. Dr. Raj Kannan has a lot of patience to understand the patients problem and then treat. I had a right leg pain, used to keep getting a sprain all the time for years, I just decided to try the treatment out and have completely recovered. No pain or sprain since 6 months. He is a miracle worker."

just4 pals 2 months ago

"I am taking treatment for shoulder pain for many years, but Dr. Raj Kannan has identified the root cause and the treatment is going in correct direction now. Pain is relieved and controlled now. He is without any doubt the best Physiotherapist in Bangalore"

Naina Padaki 2 months ago

"One of the best doctors we have met. He can pin point the problem very well. He suggested very simple and very less exercises for the problem. I’m very impressed with the results of dry needling, very effective. The best part is, he always gives a permanent solution!!!!"

Uma Maheswari a week ago

"Highly recommend. Great Treatment. I saw Dr. Raj Kannan at RMV Hospital for knee pain treatment upon recommendation from Dr. Chandrasekar. Dr. Raj Kannan was holistic and comprehensive in his approach and personally very supportive. He was practical in his advice and realistic about what could be achieved. He helped me to get walking normal again in just 2 weeks after severe knee pain which persisted for more than a year"

Gagan Reddy 2 months ago

"I’ve tried many Physio’s before meeting Dr.Raj Kannan & definitely this is one last stop for all you aches and pain. Being a Crossfit Athlete, training hard day in day out I had many issues with my body. Now after meeting Dr.Raj I have learnt how to balance my workouts with my daily lifestyle. Started to train much harder now from ever before, moving well is such joy one can ever receive & that happend to me after meeting and getting treated from him. All I can say is I’m blessed to know him & have him has my mentor, coach, advisor, well wisher & doctor in my life! Try it out to look good and move well, God Bless Him"