5 Habits You Need to Change Now to Reduce Back Pain

Low back pain is the common condition that affects almost everyone in their life. Now a days it affects people as young as 20 yrs. Thanks to the sophisticated lifestyle and its compulsive gadgets. The pain can be initially mild, then it turns intermittently moderate and finally it progresses to a severe form.

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5 Steps to Prevent Back Pain

Avoid sitting for more than 2 hours continuously - Long hours of sitting will increase the disc pressure and can set the conditions for future disc prolapse. So just get up and walk for three to five minutes for every 2 hours of sitting. Sit straight when on recliner sofas or chair in the office, car and in house. The posture during sitting does matters a lot.

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Are you really a successful physio?

Recently I got to meet one of my Physio friends in a conference. I was awestruck when he said this. “I have 95% success with all the patients, whom I treat”. What was more impressive was the kind of assertiveness with which he claimed his success percentage. Let me rephrase it now for you. Out of 100 patients, 95 patients got cured.

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How Do You Know Your Headache Is Neck in Origin?

Millions of people are suffering from chronic headaches across the globe. Many of them would be suffering for many years. These patients are commonly diagnosed as migraine and would be taking medications for the same. The severity and intensity of the headaches varies from patient to patient. For example, some will get a headache once in every week and some will get every alternative day.

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