Resources for Clinicians

Cervicogenic Headache

Dry needling technique

Dry Needling Subscapularis

What does dry needling treat and is it safe to use?

Dry Needling Extensor pollicis brevis

Spasm, Stiffness, Tightness, Muscle Catch and Soreness

Making Sense of Spinal Canal Stenosis

Is it Hamstring Tightness or Neural Tightness?

Are you really a successful physio?

Recently I got to meet one of my Physio friends in a conference. I was awestruck when he said this. “I have 95% success with all the patients, whom I treat”. What was more impressive was the kind of assertiveness with which he claimed his success percentage. Let me rephrase it now for you. Out of 100 patients, 95 patients got cured.

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Guess what’s the new training / therapy tool in town?

BFRT is one of the newest tool to hit both the rehabilitation and performance world with a surge of research coming out supporting the use of this modality for strength and hypertrophy gains. If you are a rehabilitation clinician, sports medicine doctor or athletic trainer you have probably heard about BFRT by now. If you haven’t this blog will give you the nuggets of it.

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