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Shoulder Diagnostics & TreatmentAPTER Health Center Bangalore20th & 21st January, 2024Dr. Sushrutha 8197913064
Shoulder MRI for MSK PhysiotherapistOnline Webinar1st & 2nd February, 2024Dr. Theivakumar 9362992177
Palpation in MSK and Sports PhysiotherapyHotel Royal Plaza Chennai28th January, 2024Dr. Vincent Jayaraj 9884194724
Dry Needling Module 2Savitha College of Physiotherapy8th and 9th February, 2024Dr. Vinod 8760563032
Shoulder Diagnostics & TreatmentHotel Royal Plaza Chennai10th & 11th February, 2024Dr. Logesh 9789321500
Dynamic Taping – PART ABandar Seri Begawan, Brunei1st March, 2024Dr. Kassim +673 880 8491
Dry Needling Module 1Hotel Royal Plaza Chennai9th &10th March, 2024Dr. Logesh 9789321500
Injury Recognition and Prevention in Fitness TrainingAPTER Health Center Bangalore24th March, 2024Mr. Farhan 8660736875
Injury Recognition and Prevention in Fitness TrainingClassic Fitness Academy Bangalore13th April, 2024Mr. Prateek 8318412898
Metabolic Health in HumansManjushree College Bangalore17th April, 2024Mrs. Lakshmi 9886662 361
Dry Needling Module 2Hotel Royal Plaza Chennai27th & 28th April, 2024Dr. Logesh 9789321500
Understanding and Evaluating Ulnar Wrist PainOnline Webinar5 May 2024Sushrutha 8197913064
Enhancing Outcomes in Frozen Shoulder – Key noteBangalore Shoulder Summit5 May 2024Dr. Gambhir Raj 97421 28803
Cervicogenic Headaches Diagnostics and TreatmentCoimbatoreJune 2024Dr. Vijayperumal 9843996890
Physiotherapy in Rheumatology & Immunological DisordersChanRe Hospital Bangalore15th September, 2024Dr. Yogarani 7899784414
Metabolic Health in Physiotherapy PracticeAPTER Health Center Bangalore20th October, 2024Dr. Sushrutha 8197913064
MRI of the Meniscus of Knee - Function & DysfunctionOnline Webinar17th November 2024Dr. Sushrutha 8197913064
Dry Needling Module 1Hotel Emerald Park Nashik20th, 21st April, 2024Dr. Sagar 9890277759
Shoulder Diagnostics & TreatmentAPTER Health Center10th, 11th August 2024Dr. Sushrutha 8197913064
Spine MRI Interpretation and ReasoningOnline WebinarOctober 2024Sushrutha 8197913064
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Dry Needling is my strongest unique sword in my career. Many times it leaves my patients amazed post needling. "DRY NEEDLING" is so special that it helped me to obtain professional heights. Thank you Dr. Raj Sir.

Dr.Avanthi, PT,

Independent Private Practitioner, Bangalore, INDIA

Dry Needling is very fast in relieving chronic pain such as Shoulder, Low back ache, groin pain. Many problems are being solved in short time. I am really happy to say that in a single session of dry needling I have seen good results.
Completing Module 2 was an eye opening about further knowledgein the areas of trigger points in muscles .Thank you sir so much.

Dr. Satya Nagaraju, PT,

Independent Private Practitioner, Kurnool, INDIA

Managing patients with pain had been one of the most challenging tasks being a physio..... Majority of the pain encountered (acute or chronic) was musculo-fascial in origin and no approach was giving a long term solution even though promising some short term relief....Dry needling came as a boon to me and it started to work wonders in eliminating pain very effectively with immediate return in function. I would rather call is as "magical therapy"...

Learning the dry needling course from the man himself Dr. Rajkannan was the best thing to happen. I believe that nobody can teach dry needling as effectively as him and I want to thank sir wholeheartedly...Now I am pretty much confident in my practice and dry needling makes it to the top of my list as an intervention when properly indicated.


Assistant professor, Dr DY Patil college, Pune.

Dry Needling was a totally new concept for me when I heard about it. Even though it was tough to learn, because we should have proper knowledge about Muscle anatomy, it’s relations, Biomechanics, palpations, needle positioning etc.. Dr. Rajkannan Sir delivered it in its simplest form.His approach to Education is Quality based, emphasis more on recent advancement in this particular field. I would like to take his own words to describe him, “He is an Evidence Informed Practitioner.

Dr. Mohammed Salah, PT,

Sports Physio, Bangalore

Dr. Rajkannan did a great a job. He was very methodological and well organized in his teaching method. His Dry Needling course has changed the entire paradigm of my treatment methodology and has opened the door for much better clinical efficacy as goals for pain reduction can be achieved in significantly fewer sessions.

Dr. C.H. Nazeer Ahmed, PT,


Dry Needling, a form of treatment, though painful is loved by many patient. It's an extra tool for all physio which have positive results on varied conditions. Besides basic course which gave good base about needling, the advance course was too more informative which covered most of the difficult part of human body (which most of physio doesn't cover or miss as a part of treatment). Overall it was a great experience to learn DRY NEEDLING COURSE.

Suraj Prasad Tamrakar PT,


Dry needling has a great impact in my clinical practice. I took the course two years ago with Dr. Raj Kannan and he is an excellent, dedicated, and effective instructor. He was able to provide us with a comprehensive background on trigger point dry needling coupled with hands on training. His detailed teaching style was able to make me quickly learn the technique and apply the information to my clinical practice.

I have embraced dry needling as an incredibly effective and contemporary physiotherapy treatment. It allows me to provide immediate, effective, and lasting results to my patients and to variety of musculoskeletal problems. I am grateful to be a part of Dr. Raj’s class and I am thankful for the information and technique that he as shared as it has improved the outcome I have achieved with my patients.

Dara Raj,PT,

Director and HOD Wellcare group of physiotherapy clinic, Trivandrum, Kerala.

I have been practicing Dry Needling since 2016, it has done wonders for my practice. Since I am an independent practitioner its easy for me to convince my clients for Dry Needling. I honestly say that I have got almost 90% of the success rate through Dry Needling. I would say its another tool under my sleeves to treat my clients. I sincerely request all the physios to continue to practice Dry Needling or Manual Therapy after doing certification/ Workshop to become a good practitioner.


Dr. Chandru Jayaraman

Director, Sportsrehab & Physiotherapy